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(Movie version)
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Blade learned Frost was in town. The duo focused their efforts on hunting him down, both having personal reasons to want him dead. Blade even injured Frost’s right-hand man Quinn on several occasions, but Quinn always escaped before Blade could finish him off. At the same time, Blade...

(Cinematic version)
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Description Bond is a handsome white male, quite tall but not unusually so and with a fit but not overly muscular built. He is always clad in the finest suits and gives the impression of being a real gentleman. Personality The Personality section also includes some alternate approaches to...

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While rescuing a captured Jedi apprentice, Sabra came across a young Human Dark Jedi. He was the student of an unknown master. Though the man had an actual lightsabre, Sabra engaged him in combat with her training sword to save the Jedi apprentice. She was forced to slay her opponent....