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(Tom's profile)
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Ryu later lost to Oro. Oro was an old man well over 100 years old who knew that his time was near. He had been looking for a worthy successor to carry on his legacy. Ryu had come to his attention, but Oro needed more time before deciding that Ryu was to be his successor. Street...

(Final Fight ninja)
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It was then, one day, that one of his top men, Lou “The Skin” told him how a man had entered his tattoo parlor in Japantown and asked some extremely suspicious questions. Questions, which Lou responded to by slamming a cashier register over his head. Kyle, the man Lou had...

(Tom's profile)
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Chun, Guile and Cammy joined forces against Shadaloo. The three of them all entered the next tournament. Their goal was to get close enough to permanently shut down the organization. During the tournament: Chun was approached by an amnesiac man called Abel. He was searching for...

(Tom's profile) (A.k.a. M. Bison)
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Description Vega is a well-built Asian man with sharp features, intimidating gaze, and an unsettling smile. His pupiless eyes often crackle with blue psycho energy when he is enraged or excited. He typically wears his red Shadaloo military outfit complete with a flowing black cape and polished...