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Adventure HIVE Hardware Handbook HH Hex, Escort to Hell Adventure Hex In Hot Pursuit Adventure IHP Justice League Sourcebook JLI King for all Time Adventure KfaT King of Crime Adventure KoC Knight to Planet 3 Adventure KtP3 Law of...

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Some weapons have inflated performance in fiction (because they’ve gained an image of efficiency through clever marketing), or do not perform as they do in the real world. In all cases, the fictional depiction of what the weapon does is always preferred to the actual...

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Radio Communication: Video Capability. Encrypted. Can transmit a data-feed from its own optics or from the MPPPG or Assault Rifle Gun Camera to other soldiers in the same unit.] The trooper carries: Either a recently-perfected 2100 Era Man-Portable Particle Projection Gun (MPPPG)...

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Introduction The goal of this article is to provide game stats for weaponry that is unique to the video games Fallout (with FIXT changes), Fallout 2 (with restored content) and Fallout 3 (with a mods suite  centred on the Wanderer Edition ). Beyond that, it will cover : The...