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Power Level
(Technical introduction)
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Early Tony Stark was in bad health and with major cardiac problems when he wore the first Iron Man suit. He had perhaps a BODY of 02. Which starkly (so to speak) limits options. But /BODY/ is fine in many cases Power armour is in fact a good example of /BODY/...

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The top of Captain America’s suit (the shoulders and upper chest) is scale armour. But the rest is chainmail to retain flexibility. Many forms of early cataphracts (“well-armoured cavalry”) in the Middle East were also rocking scale armour. Stats BODY 02, Blunting: 02,...

(Older article)
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Some weapons have inflated performance in fiction (because they’ve gained an image of efficiency through clever marketing), or do not perform as they do in the real world. In all cases, the fictional depiction of what the weapon does is always preferred to the actual...

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Let’s combine these observations in coming up with game stats for basic XCom Project body armour, arbitrarily named the Vigilo suit. Basic body armour DCH VIGILO BODY ARMOR [BODY 06, Kinetic absorption (Structural only): 02, Radio communications: 06, Skin armor: 02, Superspeed: 02,...

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If you want to keep people alternating between firearm types, introduce additional penalties for using a weapon not well-suited to the circumstances. For instance something larger than a pistol in cramped circumstances, a pistol at ranges above 15-20 metres, a shotgun at more than 20-25m,...

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Introduction The goal of this article is to provide game stats for weaponry that is unique to the video games Fallout (with FIXT changes), Fallout 2 (with restored content) and Fallout 3 (with a mods suite  centred on the Wanderer Edition ). Beyond that, it will cover : The...