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Powers and Abilities Fuji is a being of immense size and strength whose unstable molecular state is only controlled by his specially made costume. Within the protective shrouding of his containment suit, he is able to control his own density. Without it, he would revert to a gaseous plasma...

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He’s also an experienced Mafia made man and heavy, and very conversant with guns and violence. History Guido is the son of Don Vitto, the godfather of the Masseria family of the New York City Mafia. He tends to act as his father’s bodyguard and prized enforcer. At one point, when...

(Profile #2 - Later)
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Powers and Abilities Battalion is a seedling  whose powers are derived from telekinesis. They are amplified by his Cyber-Tran suit and focused by his special guns. The most common manifestation are powerful physical blast and protective shield. However, he’s also been known to...

(Profile #1 - early)
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Background Real Name: Jackson King Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Isaiah, aka Despot (Father, deceased), Malcolm, aka Strafe (Brother), Mary (Mother) Group Affiliation: StormWatch Base Of Operations: Skywatch Height: 6’3” Weight: 205 lbs Age: 34 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers and...

Michael Cray
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Powers and Abilities CDR Cray is a Specwar legend. He went through the Marines (probably Marines Recon), ROTC, BUD/S, SEAL Team 6 and last but certainly not least the uber-elite IO Team 7 ; he later did one-man super-sensitive SOC/DOD work. By himself, he’s as good as any...

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Description Smith apparently always wears a well-tailored, classic business suit with a white shirt and black tie. Personality A Greatest Generation tough guy, mobster and killer. He’s deep in a nostalgia trip and only feels contempt for the ’weak‘, ’soft‘ world...

(Victoria Santini née N'Gengi)
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Lethal blows Flint doesn’t display extreme super-strength. Her ability to lift heavy objects seem roughly on par with Spider-Man’s and most bricks  seem stronger than she is. Yet her blows have impressive power. This is presumably a combination of her strength, speed...

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When StormWatch’ Team Achilles was formed, Coleman was the first man to be recruited by Santini. He made Coleman his second-in-command. Coleman helped Santini in picking the team members, approving each of them. However, Blake was a bit uncomfortable working with so many...

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Considered dangerous by his own creators, the head scientist wouldn’t let him go. By passing him a note with five phone numbers, Tao made the scientist turn pale and let him go with Savant. The first phone number belonged to the man’s wife and the other four didn’t…...