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Powers & Abilities Hy Torque drives a special muscle car, equipped with a huge ram plate. It is capable of knocking over all sorts of obstacles, and could match the power of a Golden Avenger-class Iron Man suit. He usually operates with two henchmen. They help...

(Maximilian Zaran)
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Zaran can use nearly every weapon in existence, except possibly for such specialized systems as the Iron Man suit. To quote the comics, he is “master of ancient and modern weapons including knives, bows, staves, maces, spears, nunchakus, suriken (sic), guns”. He also knows a...

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His armoured costume includes an exoskeleton further increasing his strength, wrist repulsors and boot jets. It’s a sort of super-light Iron Man suit. Apparently, Kort would frequently detail a few Cybernoids to operate along with the Soviet. History Tostovitch used...

(Dr. Gregor Shapanka profile #2) (a.k.a. Jack Frost)
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Such robots have occasionally attacked Iron Man, wrongly assuming that he held Shapanka’s corpse (which was burned to a cinder by Iron Man 2020). One such attack occurred in 2011. Howbeit, they don’t seem that dangerous given the power of modern...

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Note that all those weapons were used at a time when Tony Stark himself was still operating the Mark 1 generation of the Iron Man suit. Her tech likely kept developing and could be fairly impressive in more recent times. History The Saboteur was a resourceful and...

(Boris Bullski) (Profile #3 - current)
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Eyes: Blue Hair: Shaved bald Powers and Abilities Bullski’s Titanium Man armour, apparently based on Gremlin (Kondrati Topolov) technology, is quite powerful and sophisticated. It’s not too far behind the exemplar power armour (the Iron Man suit) and...

(Fredric Woolrich)
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Though the Heat-Ray armour is robust, it is no Iron Man suit. For instance Captain America once demolished the power feed from the backpack with his shield. Heat-Ray later had his equipment upgraded, adding a microwave ray projector and other unrevealed systems. Woolrich...

(Anton Vanko)
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Powers and Abilities Anto Vanko was one of the major engineering geniuses of the Cold War. He created the first generation of a landmark Soviet suit of power armour at the same time Stark was wearing the “golden” version of the Mk1 Iron Man...

(Bruno Horgan)
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Stark actually narrowly survived. He then sacrificed an old robotised Iron Man suit to distract Horgan. This plan worked, but Horgan was accidentally defenestrated and seemingly killed during the fight. Minor bits The Melter was then part of the “Defender for a...

(Stuart Clarke)
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The Rampage suit is mostly supple. Like the Iron Man suit it locks itself and rigidifies through magnetic fields. It incorporates boot jets, is durable enough to survive a blow from Hercules himself, and has titanic strength. Generally speaking, Rampage can...