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(Terry Sorenson)
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Margay Sorenson started studying thermodynamics in order to cure her son and managed to build a containment suit. However, funds were lacking and the increasingly erratic Equinox resorted to bank robbing in order to help his mother cure his condition. The Human Torch and Iceman started to...

(Quarrm extradimensional)
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However, a strange fission wave reached around the world. It changed all Kryptonite into pure iron. Thus, Superman no longer had to fear Kryptonite (though eventually, more of the stuff rained down on Earth). Quarrm The explosion also opened a portal into the Quarrm Dimension. In that...

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God Among Us Sometime later, the Beyonder appeared on Earth. At first he took a form that was a hodgepodge of various heroes and villains or the forms of people he had met. Then he appeared to a man named Stewart Cadwall and explained that he was an entity from Beyond. He was from his own...

(Stark robot)
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Optical Sensors: Red Hair: None Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Arsenal was an immensely powerful robot. His punches left powerhouses like Wonder Man and Iron Man dazed every time he hit them, and knocked out the Vision in a...