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Power Level
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(Technical introduction)
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Early Tony Stark was in bad health and with major cardiac problems when he wore the first Iron Man suit. He had perhaps a BODY of 02. Which starkly (so to speak) limits options. But /BODY/ is fine in many cases Power armour is in fact a good example of /BODY/...

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This stops being true for one-of-a-kind equipment (such as an Iron Man suit of power armour ). But in a sufficiently high-tech setting power armour might well be available for sale, loaned by allied organisations, etc. And yet, most GMs are not going to tell players...

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Description Vehicles (Power Armour) allows for the advanced operation of suits of power armour  such as the Iron Man suit or the Steel armour. Vehicles (Power Armour) substitutes for the operator’s DEX while clad in suitable armour – including for...

Character-specific tweaks and advantages
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Environment alteration Ammunition freedom Environment alteration Animal Friendship Environment alteration Armor Optimization Special tactic Blind-fighting Special tactic Blindside Adept Special tactic Bloodless Gunfighter Special tactic Bottomless...

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Example: Bestowing the Iron Nerves Advantage, which provides +2CS to RV versus Intimidation Attempts, upon a character with SPIRIT 02 would require a Bestow Power of at least 6 APs (2 APs plus two Column Shifts). The duration that these abilities are in effect is equal to the character’s APs...

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Power armour A suit of body armour with motorized limbs, enhancing the strength of the wearer. Mostly comes from old science fiction (Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (1959) is the big one), but the primary example of comic book power armour is Iron Man. Primary source ...

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Index for part 2 Illusion (Mirror Images) (Additional Rules) Interface (Additional Rules) Iron Will (Updated Power) Kinetic Absorption (Structural only) (Packaged Limitation) Lightning Immunity (New Power) Mass Effect Powers (Note) Morphic Stability (New Power) Numb (New Power) Omni-Power...

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Modifiers are not terribly common and best modelled as Powers. These include Mind Field and Magic Field, especially when they are Self Only and/or Always On. Iron Nerves can also play a role, see the Advantages section. Note that if there is a large difference between MIN and SPI, the...