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(Power armour suits)
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Equipment: The RAIDER ARMOUR SUITS all have the same stats: [/STR/ 05 /BODY/ 07, Flight: 08, Radio communications: 07, Shade (Visual, Aural): 01, Sealed systems: 06, Skin armour: 04, Bonus: Skin armour also works against Energy attacks (+2)]. During the Iron Man fights, the...

Foreigner death squad
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Warfare has no apparent superhuman superpowers : just a suit of body armour and a big gun. I got the impression he was supposed to have built-in IR sights in his helmet, but this was never clearly demonstrated. History Warfare was part of the Death Squad forces arrayed by the Foreigner to...

(Wink World version)
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Skills: Acrobatics (Dodging and Arial superiority): 09; Detective: 05; Martial Arts: 08; Military Science: 05; Thief (Stealth, only while Gliding): 10 Advantages: Claws (wings)(L); Ritual (summon horse) Connections: Apocalypse (L); other 3 horsemen (H) Drawbacks: Strange Appearance; Exile: He cannot...

(Team profile #3 - Fading years)
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Known Allies: X-Force, Spider-Man, Garthan Saal, Psionex, Iron Man, the Avengers, Cardinal and Air Force. Membership Number of active members: Six : Kymaera (Namorita Prentiss). Nova (Richard Rider). Firestar (Angelica Jones). Justice (Vance Astrovik). Speedball (Robbie Baldwin). ...

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... When Cage led the team their use of Man-Thing as a transport system allowed them to operate internationally, and even in other dimensions. Bases of Operations: The Raft Former bases of operations: Four Freedom Plaza, Mount Charteris, Attilan, Folding Castle, Thunderbolts Mountain, and The Cube.

(Legion of Super Heroes meets Aliens)
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Organizational structure : Special operations military team Known officers : Field command is split between Commandant Rokk Krinn and Capitaine Salu “Vi” Digby Known current members : Lieutenant Jo Nah, Lieutenant Mysa Nal, Capitaine Querl Dox (Brainiac Five),...

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Let’s combine these observations in coming up with game stats for basic XCom Project body armour, arbitrarily named the Vigilo suit. Basic body armour DCH VIGILO BODY ARMOR [BODY 06, Kinetic absorption (Structural only): 02, Radio communications: 06, Skin armor: 02, Superspeed: 02,...

(Early and classic eras)
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TECHNOLOGY AND PARAPHERNALIA Level of technology: Department H had access to the best technology available in Canada, plus the inventions and engineering prowess of James MacDonald Hudson – the apex being the Guardian suit. After Department H was shut down, Alpha Flight operated with back-up...