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(Part #3 - Mass Effect 2 part 2)
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Red hot + blue Liara no longer wears her doctoral uniform. She dresses according to Illium upper class fashions. These beautiful artisanal dresses are apparently the Asari equivalent of a business suit, and usually feature warm but not loud colours and intricate details in patterns and...

(Profile #1 - Mass Effect)
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Garrus was a man of action even by Turian standards. He grew increasingly frustrated by procedures, rights and regulations. His methodology became increasingly fast and loose, and his presence increasingly came to signify police brutality, violent interrogations, violations of civil...

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Likewise she admired that the Spectre Nihlus Kryik  set up a situation where she had to save innocents so he could loose her. She didn’t seem to mind that it was dirty pool, rather saluting the man’s cunning. A Justicar is a warrior above all else. So let it be written...

(Baldur's Gate)
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Personality Khalid is a shy, pessimistic, unassertive man. He’s usually unsure and hesitant. Though he’s a professional fighter, he’s clearly nervous and flustered when entering combat. He may reflexively fall back if overwhelmed or badly wounded. On the other hand, his...

(Dr. Athena Griffin)
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Much more puzzlingly, the man assured her that James had been in Megaton almost 19 years before. The saloon owner even stated that Mr. Griffin had been carrying a Black baby girl — presumably Athena — in a portable crib laden with complicated electronic devices. According to...

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Nuevo Marrow The group made it to the outskirts of El Marrow. They were met by Salvador and his Lost Souls Alliance. They had terrible news for Manny: the conspiracy now ran El Marrow, now called Nuevo Marrow. Conspiracy head Hector LeMans ruled with an iron fist. Through various acts...

(Grim Dawn) (Part #1 - Setting)
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Things Man Was Not Meant To Know  in the form of sanity-destroying, godlike alien entities. Some are currently dead and/or asleep, but their return would be cataclysmic. The fatality of evil Cairn also has a problem with evil. That may be a legacy from said Things Man Was Not Meant...

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I agree. The man wrote Batwoman: Elegy, so he clearly cannot be wrong. Basic logic, here. So let’s break out the No-Prize Hypothesis : We know a fair bit about Templars, and how they use training and lyrium to resist magic. A key bit here is that Alistair states that...

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Go for the eyes When he joined Minsc sported a greatsword and leather armour. CHARNAME quickly upgrade the armour and weaponry. Especially since greatswords in a time of “diseased” iron have a poor lifespan. But in this playthrough, Minsc remains a...

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While rescuing a captured Jedi apprentice, Sabra came across a young Human Dark Jedi. He was the student of an unknown master. Though the man had an actual lightsabre, Sabra engaged him in combat with her training sword to save the Jedi apprentice. She was forced to slay her opponent....