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(2003 Willard movie)
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When Willard arrived home from the funeral, the rats were upstairs again. Cathryn, a sympathetic co-worker, dropped by with a gift during his time of grieving. Ironically, the gift was an orange tabby named “Scully”. Willard put the cat in the house and it fought for its...

(Batman Returns 1992 movie) (Michelle Pfeiffer)
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History Selina Kyle was an OL  working for corrupt industrialist Maximilian Shreck in Gotham City. She seemed to have been hired fairly recently – though she worked in the C-suite, and directly with Shreck. In this virulently misogynistic environment, Ms. Kyle was a decorative...

(Cinematic version)
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Description Bond is a handsome white male, quite tall but not unusually so and with a fit but not overly muscular built. He is always clad in the finest suits and gives the impression of being a real gentleman. Personality The Personality section also includes some alternate approaches to...