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Power Level
(Marvel Comics version)
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Gunn has no special super powers. However, he is a natural at working the power suit. When needed, he displayed an almost preternatural prowess in the Iron Man armor for someone who had evidently not piloted it before. History Mr. Gunn was born and raised in...

(Hostess cakes advertisements)
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Iron Man’s helmet picks up a radio report that an intruder is breaking in to the uranium vaults. Arriving there, shellhead sees a downed guard who warns, “He called himself Battleaxe, Iron Man. He’s big, mean and hungry.” At that moment, Battleaxe comes...

(Donny Gill)
 0   -   
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Powers and Abilities Blizzard II is an athlete in excellent shape. His main weapon is the Blizzard suit. Not only is this a good, light body armor and superlative cold weather suit, it has an elaborate system to process moisture and convert it to ice. It can: ...

(Profile #2 - Mk2 suit)
 0   -   
History After the destruction of his armour by Iron Man (Tony Stark), Gentry returned to the drawing board. He designed and prototyped a new, more modern generation of Porcupine suit. At this stage he had largely renounced his dreams of super-villainhood. Having been...

(Melina Vostokovna)
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities The Iron Maiden is a skilled KGB assassin. Her suit of armor makes her nearly invulnerable and superhumanly strong. She is also a weapons expert — for instance she is a superb knife thrower — but usually fights suited up but unarmed. Iron Maiden masters...

Foreigner death squad
 0   -   
Warfare has no apparent superhuman superpowers : just a suit of body armour and a big gun. I got the impression he was supposed to have built-in IR sights in his helmet, but this was never clearly demonstrated. History Warfare was part of the Death Squad forces arrayed by the Foreigner to...

(John Henry Irons) (Profile #1 - Year One)
 0   -   
Once recovered Irons finished building his Man of Steel armour. He was just in time – other gangbangers were after him for wrecking their invaluable BG-80. They firebombed the building he lived in. Using his suit, Irons saved the neighbours from the...

(Edward Lavell)
 0   -   
The most sophisticated feature of the suit is its ability to generate an invisible electrical field around him at all times. The field detects any organism of significant size and electrical activity in his vicinity. History Edward Lavell, the second Eel, either acquired or duplicated an...

(Profile #3 - after Nextwave)
 0   -   
The giant dragon statue then animated, and claimed to be Fin Fang Foom. Iron Man suited up to engage him, whilst Elsa went back to her hotel, likely to pick her stuff up. What happened next is unknown and may remain so forever, as the series was interrupted or...

(James "Rhodey" Rhodes)
 0   -   
Heavy boots of lead Stark then faked his death so that he could undergo treatments without being vulnerable to his enemies. Rhodes took over full-time as both Stark Enterprises CEO and as Iron Man using the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, a.k.a. the War Machine. When...