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(Edward Lavell)
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The most sophisticated feature of the suit is its ability to generate an invisible electrical field around him at all times. The field detects any organism of significant size and electrical activity in his vicinity. History Edward Lavell, the second Eel, either acquired or duplicated an...

(James "Rhodey" Rhodes)
 0   -   
Heavy boots of lead Stark then faked his death so that he could undergo treatments without being vulnerable to his enemies. Rhodes took over full-time as both Stark Enterprises CEO and as Iron Man using the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, a.k.a. the War Machine. When...

(Profile #3 - after Nextwave)
 0   -   
The giant dragon statue then animated, and claimed to be Fin Fang Foom. Iron Man suited up to engage him, whilst Elsa went back to her hotel, likely to pick her stuff up. What happened next is unknown and may remain so forever, as the series was interrupted or...

(Alex Draguno)
 0   -   
Eyes: Green Hair: Red Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers & Abilities Alex is the most gifted exoskeleton pilot of the Russian Black Academy. She was skilled enough to beat Iron Man in a fight – until he cheated by destroying the...

(Boris Bullski) (Profile #2 - 1980s and 1990s)
 0   -   
Uncompressed With Bullski believed dead, diminutive Russian genius the Gremlin (Kondrati Topolov), operated as the second Titanium Man. He wore a suit of armour coloured in the same shade of green and with some vague similarities to Bullski’s, but based on his own...

(Movie version)
 0   -   
The main antagonist was a version of Obadiah Stane played by Jeff Bridges, though there were ample differences from the Stane seen in the old Iron Man comics. The armor used by Stane is not named in the movie. Stane once refers to weapon manufacturers in general as “iron mongers”,...

 0   -   
Man-Killer. Stiletto. Discus. Speed Demon. The Constrictor. Hydro-Man. Bombshell. The Melter (deceased). Leapfrog (retired). The Porcupine (deceased). Force (deserted). The Water Wizard (deserted him). The Blue Streak (deceased). Captain Barracuda. The Scorpion (unstable). Hammer is...

(Gregor Shapanka profile #1) (a.k.a. Blizzard)
 0   -   
Other Aliases: The Human Snowstorm, “Ice Man” (as Hulk called him). Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: None at these points. Base of Operations: New York City. Height: 5’6” Weight: 165 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Powers & Abilities Dr. a...

 0   -   
Description A average sized man in good shape, with a distinctive handlebar moustache in an Armani suit. Personality A smooth and sociopathic egotist, calculating, greedy and lecherous. Quotes “That is a very interesting sidearm. Who manufactured it ?” “Let’s not...

(Mark Scarlotti profile #3)
 0   -   
While in France, Whiplash ambushed and pursued Stark and a longtime Stark senior executive, Yvette Avril. Stark evaded his pursuer long enough to suit up as Iron Man, but was beaten back. The scornful Whiplash then left – his orders were to kill Tony Stark, who...