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(Profile #1 - XXth century)
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However, learning that Beth had been arrested for espionage, Stark came to the rescue and got into the prison. His arrival disrupted Beth’s meticulous plan. Before things could go south, she told him to suit up. With Iron Man’s help the van Tilbergs...

(Profile #1 - Mk1 suit)
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Porcupine was present during the 1979 battle royale between Iron Man and an army of Hammer lackeys. Hammer’s mercenaries were defeated, with Iron Man destroying the Porcupine’ suit during the fight. Could this be… the end of the...

(Quake monster)
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Description The Enforcers have a hi-tech armored suit that looks like the Michelin Man rebuilt by Terminators. Personality Guard a specific location. Charge and attack any intruders. DC Universe History Any malevolent mystical entity could seize control of a S.T.A.R. Labs teleportation...

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Description A metallic man in a black suit. Personality Roboto is a psychopathic robot. Slavishly devoted to his creator, the Queen of Spades, he sees her as a friend and master. He likes inflicting pain and prefers to play with his prey. He is very formal, polite, and eloquent, and...

(Jefferson Reed)
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Age: 36 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers and Abilities Meteor Man has many powers, apparently not having any point in common. To name a few: Supertoughness. Superstrength. Plant growth. X-ray vision. Flight. The strange “knowledge-absorption” power. That allows him to...

(Lyle Byrnes)
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His suit of armour is able to operate deep into raging industrial fires, protecting him against heat, flame, fumes, glare, etc.. It also has armoured plates to protect against falls and falling debris, as well as heavy gauntlets. Flame throwing It packs a nearly inexhaustible amount of...

(Charles and Harold Chandler)
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(son), unnamed parents Group Affiliation: 1950’s Avengers (Marvel Boy I, Venus, Gorilla-Man, the Human Robot) Base Of Operations: Los Alamos, New Mexico Height: 6’2” Weight: 200lbs Eyes: Unrevealed Hair: Unrevealed Powers and Abilities The 3-D Man has enhanced physical abilities and sensory...

(Iron Fist character)
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Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers and Abilities The Ninja is an awesome martial artist, especially with medieval Japanese weapons. He is more than match for a young Iron Fist, himself one of the greatest masters of kung-fu in the world. The Ninja easily defeated one of the Sons of the Tiger,...

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He’s also an experienced Mafia made man and heavy, and very conversant with guns and violence. History Guido is the son of Don Vitto, the godfather of the Masseria family of the New York City Mafia. He tends to act as his father’s bodyguard and prized enforcer. At one point, when...

(Terry Sorenson)
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