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(Oubliette Midas)
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Quotes “I don’t want to smell even the tiniest quark trembling down deep in your horribly out-of-tune atomic structures. I do, you’re dead.” “Daddy’s girl was only given one bullet to play with today. And this is for the heart of the boy who fell to...

(Common types of handguns in stories)
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The H&K Universal Service Pistol is a good example of a modern, well-regarded pistol that appears in innumerable movies and video games. Jack Bauer often has one, and so do Lara Croft or Gordon Freeman (in HL2). And finally, here’s an early example – the...

(Exotic types of handguns in stories)
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In fiction this gun is almost always associated with female shooters, for the usual Freudian reasons – hence the “Black Widow” name. Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft uses a gun of this type in the second Tomb Raider movie. DCH Black Widow [BODY 02, Projectile...

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The best-known example of this was in the movie Taxi Driver. The same mechanism was used by Rally Vincent in Gunsmith Cats and by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider : Craddle of Life. In several John Woo movies the protagonist has a holdout pistol up his sleeve — usually a...

Character-specific tweaks and advantages
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Environment alteration Ammunition freedom Environment alteration Animal Friendship Environment alteration Armor Optimization Special tactic Blind-fighting Special tactic Blindside Adept Special tactic Bloodless Gunfighter Special tactic Bottomless...

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She saw that with her new powers she now had an edge in both her careers : she has become a famous thief and is going to be a good archeologist, as soon as she finishes her career (Hieroglyph is her main remaining subject) : a month ago she met an English archeologist called Lara...