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Power Level
(Dr. Athena Griffin)
 0   -   
At this stage Athena is not genuinely tougher than most of the marauders she fights. But she’s way smarter, more focused and more collected. Hard skills Her technical and medical skills are invaluable in the Wasteland. She can maintain, repair and improve all sorts of...

(Profile #1 - Mass Effect)
 0   -   
T’soni has had to use her biotics to repel marauders, wild animals, criminals, etc. during some of her archaeological digs. Liara’s biotic puissance seems to be significantly above normal for her age, and her singularity technique is apparently an advanced one. This...

(Profile #2 - Early Mass Effect 2)
 0   -   
Shepard and the Normandy thus soon returned to STR service. The Systems Alliance discreetly forgot about the whole mutiny thing. The Council sent Commander Shepard to patrol sectors where ship disappearances were reported, to act as a hunter-killer of geth marauders. Buffalo soldier...

(Path of Exile sample marauder)
 0   -   
This marauder is very much a Conan-like figure. He may look like a muscle man in a loincloth but he’s actually fast, cunning, agile, smart. He has no problem using heavy armour and other “high tech” equipment of his time. From the narration (particularly in Act...

 0   -   
At age 14, Sabra was attacked by a marauder. The boy was attempting to pass his initiation ceremony with the nearby gang by bringing back a head. He attacked the Miraluka in her private squat, using an old vibro-sword . The unarmed Sabra killed him within seconds,...