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(Gunsmith Cats)
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Gray has also used firearms such as a MAC-10 9mm machine pistol (with suppressor), an unspecified 12-gauge pump gun, an Amsel Striker “Street Sweeper” variant and a COP .357 derringer (see our modern firearms articles for all of these). Vehicles included a Volvo...

(Lone Wolf and Cub)
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Personality Ogami follows a harsh and largely impenetrable ethic, foreign to the modern Western mind. His word is absolute. He will pursue his objectives regardless of risk, and no matter who stands in his way. He often kills people he clearly admires, and without apparent regret. ...

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Is a decent shot with small- and medium-calibre firearms (including sufficiently small submachineguns, such as a Skorpion or a MP5K). Knows basic car mechanics. Has basic first aid training. Is oddly good at impersonation – though of course the range of people she can impersonate...