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(Movie version)
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Note that a “realistic” rifle of the period is a notoriously cranky thing, and could reasonbly have an R# of 5 (or higher, depending on the level of craftsmanship). BODY is higher than standard modern firearms because in typical use the weapon could be used as a club...

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Scale for small arms Blasters do not appear to be radically more powerful than modern firearms. Here is a list of EVs for their Energy Blast Power : Light/holdout blaster pistol EV 4 Common types of blaster pistol such as the one used by Luke EV 5 Heavy blaster such as...

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A completely different take in the modern era ; Deadshot is borderline insane. Although he did overcome his suicidal urges by the end of Suicide Squad, he could easily have a relapse and encounter further mental degradation. Mood-stabilizing treatment could easily turn him into an...

(Underworld movies)
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Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Selene (first Underworld movie) — Averaged PL9.2 STR STA AGL DEX FGT INT AWE PRE 01 (05) 00 (04) 02 (04) 04 03 (07) 02 02 01 Powers Sexy vampire enforcer ● 48 points ●...

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DC Universe History The Necromongers could emerge almost anywhere in the DCU. They could come from space either as a modern-day threat or plague the LSH era in the same way that the Dark Circle did. They might also be encountered as a cult of Earthly origin, perhaps in competition with the...

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Quotes (Surveying the conquered Helion Prime) “Let’s go replenish the ranks.” (Amusedly contemplating the blood from a small facial cut inflicted by Riddick): “A long time since I’ve seen my own blood.” “In our faith, you keep what you kill.” DC...

(Cinematic version)
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James Bond being reportedly one of the most famous modern fictional characters, we’ll assume that further context isn’t necessary. Background Real Name: James Bond. Marital Status: Widower. Known Relatives: Andrew Bond (father, deceased), Monique Delacroix-Bond (mother, deceased),...

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Quotes “May God have mercy on your soul.” Hangman: (after extensive Intimidation) “Any last words ?” Madrid: “See you in Hell…?” DC Universe History When Johnny left to join Pancho Villa’s Revolutionary Army, he rode into history. Madrid...