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Carter Wilson
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In a lot of ways he’s the sad product of the kid who had almost everything, but blew it because he was unable to confront his own inner demons and face reality. Like a lot of the so-called popular kids in pop fiction he’s also has a dark secret. ”The brighter the light...

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The Joker’s could be dropped whole cloth into modern Gotham, obviously as Bat foes. The Joker, like most criminal masterminds, has been known to employ henchmen to assist him with his exploits, why not just use the Joker’s as a set to keep with his whole clown motif ? Quotes...

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Wayne.” Dee Dee 2: “So debonair.” Dee Dee 1: “So dapper.” Dee Dee 2 (knees Wayne in the gut) Dee Dee 1 (kicks him, sending him sprawling): “So decrepit.” Chucko: Word is Wayne’s terminal anyway.” Dee Dee 1: “That means you get to stay top...