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Power Level
(Zatara enemy)
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Holdout .32 ACP pistol [BODY 02, Projectile weapon (Diminishing): 03, Ammo: 05, Miniaturisation: 01, R#03]. A subcompact semi-automatic firing a round that was standard back then – but is anaemic by modern standards. She will carry this if she cannot conveniently carry a...

(aka Rick Flagg) (Pre-Crisis version)
 0   -   
Though the Rick Flag continuity is complex, the pre-Crisis version is straightforward and uses a different character sheet  than the modern character. It can thus be described here in simple terms… if you’ve read the aforelinked Suicide Squad article. Background Real Name:...

 0   -   
Skills: Gadgetry: 07, Scientist (Computers, drawing plans): 07, Vehicles: 05, Weaponry (Firearms, exotic): 05 Advantages: Expertise (Dreams), Genius, Headquarters (Expansive – multiple island bases), Rank (Equivalent to a Lieutenant to represent the means and manpower available to his...

(Original version)
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The main asset of the Knights are of course their armour. Those suits are medieval or Renaissance full plate armour, big and heavy. Somehow, the metal altered over the centuries then transmuted during the atomic war, and became able to withstand the radiation bombardment of modern weaponry...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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1, Annual #1) The whole of the CSA was freed by the time-traveling Per Degaton as part of his plan to take over Earth-2 during WWII. An assemblage of Earth-1’s JLA, Earth-2’s modern-day JSA, and Earth-2’s All-Star Squadron during WWII managed to defeat Per Degaton and the...

(Plus Dinosaur Island and War That Time Forgot notes)
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(One flashback implies that Squadron S was also issued the bottom of the barrel when it came to equipment. Several men are seen going in action with a knife rather than a firearm. Presumably their guns were so old, ill-maintained and fed with lousy ammunition that a blade may have been...