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Power Level
(Movie version)
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Note that a “realistic” rifle of the period is a notoriously cranky thing, and could reasonbly have an R# of 5 (or higher, depending on the level of craftsmanship). BODY is higher than standard modern firearms because in typical use the weapon could be used as a club...

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Powers and Abilities Merc is extremely fast and gifted with modern weapons – of which he carries plenty. He tends to vanish from the battlefield at superspeed, flank his opponents and shoot and grenade them from behind, picking his targets. When faced with tough targets...

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He set himself up as a wealthy socialite, but refused to outfit his home with any modern conveniences, such as electricity – a trait which made him something of a curiosity to his wealthy neighbors. At night, he prowled the city streets, looking for criminals to dispatch to Hell as the...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Something of a bampot During a dream, the spirit of one of his ancestors, a highlander named Angus Piper, contacted Roddy. He promised him power and strength to make the Piper name famous and respected in the modern...

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Additionally she could easily be a SHIELD Agent or the like. These lower-level types of characters could easily fit into the world of Roanapur. Although you might want to tone down the level of technology as it might unbalance a Roanapur campaign as they mostly stick to modern day...

(Hamilton Slade) (Jackson's take)
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Fast forward to the modern day While studying archaeology, Hamilton hoped to some day discover the burial place of his famous great-great-grandfather. One day, while leading a team of archaeologists from the University of Nevada , Slade did come upon the resting place of his ancestor, in a...

(Profile #1 - early Borderlands)
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For instance, this entry assumes that Lilith has a typical controller/elemental firefly build emphasising incendiary firearms, though there are other possibilities. This seems to be the official default version, since in Borderlands 2 Lilith had a fire theme (and the signature wings of fire). ...

(Underworld movies)
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Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Selene (first Underworld movie) — Averaged PL9.2 STR STA AGL DEX FGT INT AWE PRE 01 (05) 00 (04) 02 (04) 04 03 (07) 02 02 01 Powers Sexy vampire enforcer ● 48 points ●...

(Jesse Custer)
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Personality Jesse, in his mentality, is a modern cowboy as told in the old legends of the Wild West. His tragic flaw perhaps is his strict observance of his code of honor, which can lead him to follow needlessly difficult paths. Jesse deeply values honor, friendship, family ties and honesty,...

(Black Lagoon)
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Context Black Lagoon is a 2002+ manga  series, which began receiving its anime  adaptation in 2006. It is about a band of modern-days pirates and mercenaries. They are based in Roanapur, a mobs-dominated pisshole of a city in Thailand. Black Lagoon is steeped into the...