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Managing to free himself in time, Nikolai boarded Pacifica. Therein he found his mother, Mina and Karl. He also discovered that Akita’s new artificial warriors, the Dragons, were actually cloned from the recovered form of the Kraken. Seeing his daughter reawakened the...

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One may assume that Wulf was seen a most honorable human and warrior by his fellow mutant Search/Destroy Agents, and there is now a street in the Milton Keynes mutant ghetto district named Sternhammer Street as his legacy. Description Wulf can be described as a huge flaxen-haired, bearded bear of a...

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The teammates assigned for this mission was a standard model combat android named Risa Pirea and a Rambo-like clone warrior named Gut 8. The android got her personality from the legendary radical feminist warrioress Risa Pirea, while Guttmeiner 856434, was an old clone until then kept in...

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At first, he worked alone, but on a time-travel mission to 8th Century Norway he met Wulf Sternhammer, a huge Viking warrior, who became his partner and his closest friend. Johnny Alpha brought hundreds to justice, including Sabbat, the arch-genocide Necromagus, who had murdered billions; an almost...

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Okay, moving on When she woke, it was to a new order. “Normal” humans and the warped bloodlines of mutants remained separat. A war between them, along with meeting various alien races, had led to the Pan-Species Accord, which in theory gave mutants equality. But in...