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(Baldur's Gate CHARNAME) (Part #1)
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A hardened priest of Tyr  then came especially to tutor Jet for five months. He taught her to sense the presence of the one-handed god to find discipline in all circumstances. Such exercises are more commonly taught to holy warriors to stay collected in battle and withstand psychic...

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He’s a dangerous warrior, though his technique is a tad crude. He relies mostly on sheer aggression and semi-deranged bravery. This is a common approach among fighters of his land, where berserkers are lauded. On the other hand, he was intensively trained and is tactically...

(Baldur's Gate CHARNAME) (Part #3)
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Soundtrack The audial mood board for Jet had a fair bit of classic Iron Maiden . Because when you have a gigantic warrior maiden with eyes of fire and full plate armour, who dual-wields heavy spiked flails, you know yoü’re on a heavÿ metal albüm cover. But let’s get a bit more...