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Jim Danner
 0   -   
With this increase in power, he revealed his identity to the world, and helped to found the Alliance, together with Snowblind, Springer, Quarterstaff, Shadowgreen, and Champion. After their first conflict with Vok’r Ath-Shenti and his Warriors of the Fold, he left the group, and...

 0   -   
History Power Core was formed when Black Lion and Champion moved to NYC, after the Alliance fought and defeated Vok’r Ath-Shenti and his Warriors of the Fold. Encountering Rebound, they became caught up in a battle against an interdimensional force that still hasn’t been explained....

(Pico Fiorelli)
 0   -   
History Born as Pico Fiorelli in Mountainrock, he was a Made man since he could first hold a gun. He worked for the Carlotti crime family as an enforcer for twelve years, before he was sent to New york to help out The Master, as part of an agreement between the two families. There, he was...