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Finally, Vegeta is a well trained and incredibly experienced warrior. Every moment that he is not eating or sleeping is essentially spent training. He is constantly attempting to get stronger and will always search for better and/or stronger opponents. He spends most of his free time...

(Future version - androids timeline)
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Through rigorous training and discipline, Trunks has pushed these traits to their absolute limits. He is therefore as strong, fast and durable as it is possible for a Saiyan warrior his age, weight and height to be. Like all members of his race, Trunks has a natural affinity for manipulating...

(Dragon Ball) (Fat Buu/Boo Stage)
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Finally he got the energy, specially thanks to the saiyan warriors Vegeta, Songoku and Songohan. Boo show at first no evil, just a playful side, but soon it was seen that violence and death awaited inside the creature and just took “nice” ways to show. For example, Boo turned entire...

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For Kings too can die During his tenure with the Conservatory, the villain known as the Ocean Master attacked Atlantis. The Master eventually engaged Aquaman in single combat. Kaldur’ahm watched in horror and fascination as his liege battled the usurper, entranced by the fierceness...

(As the Great Saiyaman)
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Soon, the child demonstrated blinks of power. Knowing that a terrible menace was near, Piccolo took little Songohan under his mantle and to the wilderness. The goal was to make him a tough warrior through tests of endurance. Gohan somewhat managed, although not to the extent he...

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History The tale of Samurai Jack is a breathtaking blend of artistry, morality and adventure that tells a profound tale. Samurai Jack was born and bred to be a warrior. He was raised in the Bushido code, the ancient rules of samurai life handed down from one generation to the next. While...

(Tony Stark) (2007 animated movie version)
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Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Powers and Abilities Tony Stark is an inventor and savvy businessman. He is responsible for the creations of new construction technologies, weapons, and at least three variations of Iron man amour. He is agile for desk jockey but not extremely so. He is...

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History Less is known about Doc than several of the other Rangers. His Skills and position imply more than is known factually. It is known that Doc has served as a Series5 Ranger on the new frontier for several years and has the trust of the rangers around him and their command. Now...

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Eyes: Yellow (slit) Hair: Red Powers and Abilities Lion-O as leader of the Thundercats is a massively powerful warrior skilled in armed or unarmed combat. He can leap and climb well in excess of anything human. Much of his power comes from his sword, the Eye of Thundera. History The...

(Teen Titans animated version)
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Robin has been trained by somebody (Batman has been implied a few times, but was never identified) to be a consummate warrior, a superlative detective, and an accomplished crimefighter. To aid him in this, he has incredible acrobatic skills, familiarity with a wide range of weapons and...