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(Jeffrey Birch)
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Impersonator It was when X started operating on the waterfront that Birch came up with a plan. He would just kill the five people he thought were responsible for his father’s death, and let X receive the blame. When X’s campaign reached new heights via the murder of a...

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A few weeks later, the new Arcadia crime lord, Christy, started eliminating all security risks. He thus sent men to unplug Coffin from his life support system. As Coffin was dying, Toby physically manifested as a Chaos Rider. He then created a psionic form for Coffin as his...

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Personality Flippant, hyperactive, scatterbrained, argumentative, opinionated. Probably a New Yorker. Quotes “Flood. The name is Flood. And I don’t like you makin’ jokes about it, okay ? I’m sick of people sayin I’m not...

(Maureen Skach)
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How glad am I to be superhuman Calling herself the new Ignition, she rallied most of her lover’s old gang and took over. One of the younger and most psychotic members, Nikki, became her aide. Ignition II was even allowed to join the Prime Movers, participating in two of the...

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Quotes “There will be more of us in time – and we will feast on your pain !” [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Vortex demon Dex: 05 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Power Int: 03 Wil: 04 Min:...

(Part #1 - Original form)
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Due to budget cuts, patients soon had to be lodged two a room. Coffin’s new neighbour was the comatose psionicist  Toby Klein. After a few months, men were sent by the new crimelord of Arcadia, Christy, to shut down Coffin’s life support. He was seen as...

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Things escalated when he started raiding police precincts to free suspects in bulk. His “plan” was apparently to build up a new super-gang in Steel Harbor. The Prime Movers and the Wolf Gang grew concerned, as some of their daftest foot soldiers might join him. Barb Wire...

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Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on [jetpack-related-posts] Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly Tell me more about the game stats Golden Boy Dex: 06 Str: 12 Bod: 09 ...

(Boyd Mack)
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Quotes “Ignition owns these streets ! Everything belongs to Ignition ! And what Ignition owns, Ignition burns !” “Oh yeah. Ignition gotta have that. Ignition got big heat for little blondie.” “Ignition knows who you...

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The Hardhide and Ignition duo was active again for a few days. But Hardhide quickly became scared of the new Ignition’s manic, uncontrollable behaviour. His fears were founded. While Hardhide was drinking heavily, Ignition II suddenly killed him by igniting the alcohol in his...