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Rising back up the ranks of Mad Gear, Sodom realized that he must recruit new members. He set his sights east to Japan! Japanese warriors would give Mad Gear a fighting chance! Sodom was dismayed when he heard that fellow Mad Gear member and friend, Rolento, had abandoned...

(Final Fight ninja)
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Guy’s secretive and devoted band of genin warriors provides him with deadly assistance. However, the advent of GLOW, a new drug sweeping Metro City was causing him concern. Guy realized that even he would not be able to keep it from spreading to his section of the city...

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He ran into ex-Mad Gear member Rolento, who wished to recruit Cody into his new army. But Rolento then saw what Cody had become. He was frustrated that he had searched so hard for a warrior like Cody only to find someone so corrupted. However Cody responded that he was...