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(Conrad Hauser) (G.I. Joe)
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Quotes “I’m Duke, the new top-sergeant around here, and things are going to be different from now on… I’m going to make the sorry lot of you into soldiers!” (To Cobra Commander) “Well you just keep your pretty hat on for the time being, why...

(Tommy Arashikage)
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Truth between brothers Storm Shadow could have gone anywhere but instead he chose to go to New York City where the Soft Master lived. When he arrived, he overheard a conversation between Snake-Eyes and the Soft Master. While they spoke, the Soft Master produced the arrow that had...

(Shana O'Hara)
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Snake Eyes Scarlett’s first assignment was to give the new recruits a hand-to-hand combat refresher. The men found the idea that a woman teaching them to fight humorous until she defeated the largest of them. When she repeated the feat with Snake Eyes, they took her training...

(G.I. Joe)
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Brothers Reunited When the Joes needed to gather intel regarding the new Cobra mobile command centers, Snake-Eyes (in the guise of his fellow Joe Flint) allowed himself to be taken captive in Sierra Gordo. The plan was that he could easily escape any form of security that Cobra employed...

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Sebastian’s third combat outfit was a stark departure from the previous two. It consisted of a violet pair of trousers, a long sleeved black shirt with a violet vest (with red trim) on top, black leather boots with silver ankle guards and violet toe guards, a red groin harness (?), and a...

(Wayne Sneeden)
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His current duties involve training most of the new ’greenshirts’ on the team, helping them to become as effective as the existing Joes are at the many things they do. And, since Sergeant Slaughter is now living the good life as a pro wrestler, he’s helping his fellow,...

(G.I. Joe) (Lonzo Wilkinson)
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Snake Eyes refused to follow orders. After taking command of the unit, he ordered the rest of the team to leave with Stalker while he remained behind to hold the Cobra forces off. Stalker was airlifted out of the Sierra Gordo while Snake Eyes was captured once more. A few days later,...