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The Tiger Woman is fully fluent in English and knows how to operate in modern (well, 1940s) America, up to and including driving cars. She is backed by a half-dozen native warriors who did not display those skills. History Tiger Woman is from an indistinct “Indian...

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History Tuk appears to be the son of a couple named Rhaya and Phadion. They were ostracised from an unrevealed community and left on a faraway shore. Though Phadion was a mighty wrestler, the couple was eventually killed by wild prehistoric animals. But their baby was saved by a...

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Mounting a massive attack on New York City (and apparently finding the perfect time to attack, at a moment when most of the city’s heroes could not come to stop them) in an effort to retake the villain Condor. Their true Sky-Isle was massive, beautiful, and technologically...

(Heathrow Vance)
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Background Real Name: Professor Heathrow Vance Other Aliases: “The radium-eyed madman” Marital Status: Unknown Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: Former leader of the “wonder gang” Base Of Operations: Presumably in the vicinity of New York City Height:...

(Ted Grant)
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Background Real Name: Ted Grant Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Henry Grant (father), Jake (son, last name unrevealed), Yolanda Montez (aka Wildcat II, goddaughter) Base Of Operations: New York City Group Affiliation: JSA, All-Star Squadron Height: 6’5” Weight: 250lbs Eyes: Blue Hair:...