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(Comic book version)
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Quotes “By the three suns !!” “I must commune with Anthos. I am troubled.” “A true warrior never surrenders, demon-spawn !” Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social...

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The rocket eventually crashed into the planet of a fairly primitive race. Exploring the new technology that had been delivered to them, they eventually learned to understand it. Their technological level advanced faster than their social sophistication, and they named their race after...

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She travelled forward in time, returning Stakar’s essence to his infant form and continuing the cycle of his existence. Aleta then rejoined the team as the new Starhawk. Final Separation When Aleta led them to confront the threat of the Beyonder, they encountered the returned...

(31st century original team)
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agent Sharon Carter. They allied with the Guardians, helping them free New York City from the Badoon, before returning to their own time. The Guardians travelled to that earlier time. They were searching for a Badoon memory tape which held details of the alien’s previous, failed,...

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The Captain America was destroyed in battle against the Reavers, but the team recovered the space station Dry Dock, where they found their new ship, the Freedom’s Lady. Korvac They encountered the Thor of Earth-616  when he was dragged to their time period by the cyborg Korvac. The...