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During a clash with Deathlok and Silver Sable, one Cyber-Warrior was hijacked by Deathlok III and injected with the consciousness of John Kelly. Kelly is the man whose body was used in constructing Deathlok III and whose consciousness had recently reemerged from Deathlok’s computer...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Parallel evolution During the 2002 appearance of the People, individuals identifying as female had something like breasts. Some even had a full head of human-like hair. Obviously, both are completely out of place...

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The Queen had her Brood on Earth lay low and do nothing for a few years. She then sent reinforcements to capture Gambit and Ghost Rider, who had led the charge in New Orleans. She concurrently moved in with a cadre of warriors and established herself deep within the lower...

(Marvel Universe version)
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Tigra The couple changed their approach. They developed means to turn a human into a Cat Person. Thus was created the first Tigra, a great warrior who destroyed Flavius and Helene’s enemies. Free from persecution, the now-aged researchers finally developed a cure to their...