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Dwayne came with a business plan: he had sold The New Warriors broadcast rights to a television company. Namorita was really not fond of that idea. It turned The New Warriors’ actions into a reality show circus. They had to bow to the...

(Peter van Zante profile #2)
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Force of nature Project: Earth was conducting violent actions against deforestation in Brazil. They wanted to save the Amazon. However, Force of Nature was defeated by the New Warriors, to prevent them from killing Brazilian workers. In particular, Aqueduct attacked Namorita...

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The fledgling hero group the New Warriors were investigating GeneTech, and came into conflict with Psionex. After some initial difficulties, including getting captured, the Warriors cleaned up on Psionex handily. Breaking free The second time they clashed, it was because...

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The Folding Circle clashed with Night Thrasher (himself another descendant of the patrol) and with his group of young superheroes, the New Warriors. Eventually, the Circle and Warriors came to the Temple, where the Left Hand disappeared into the mystical well. Fleeing from...

(Eric Conroy)
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Adνеrtisеmеnt New Warriors Omnibus vol. ...1 Night Thrasher #3-4 Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Non-continuity pitch : Adνеrtisеmеnt amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";...

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For a long time, Gideon kept his power a secret, preferring to work behind the scenes. However, the heroic New Warriors, when investigating criminal links of the Taylor Foundation, caused Gideon to reveal his mutant powers and sadistic temperament. He soundly defeated the...

(Michiko Musashi)
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When the founding New Warriors were sent through time and space by The Sphinx, Hindsight Lad assembled Turbo and the reserve New Warriors to bring them back. And again, when Undertow had abducted The New Warriors, Nova called upon Turbo and...

(Elvin Haliday)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Haliday then fell in with a younger team – the New Warriors. That was during the Folding Circle affair. Rage helped the Warriors by “borrowing” a Quinjet from the...

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Real TV Night Thrasher came back in charge of a new New Warriors’ installment. This time, he was short on cash and called upon some rather unexpected financial backup: a broadcasting network. The New Warriors’ operations were now moving across...

(Heavy Mettle)
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Sea, air, land In 2000, Silvermane’s Heavy Mettle clashed twice with the New Warriors. The criminals performed well despite their generally lower power level. Still, they were defeated when their leader, Firestrike, betrayed them after falling in love with Turbo, one of...