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Power Level
(Profile #2 - Early Mass Effect 2)
 0   -   
As it turned out, Saren was operating a huge fortified lab. Within it, an army of cloned Krogan warriors was in the very last stage of its incubation. With no time to summon reinforcements, Shepard and the STG scouting unit launched a near-suicide special ops raid on Saren’s...

 0   -   
When such affairs as sorties and surprises I’m more wary at (part 1) A key part of modern Salarian history was contacting and recruiting Krogan warriors to fight against the Rachni , a powerful insect-like species threatening to eradicate Council species. Striking deals with Krogan...

(Profile #4 - Mass Effect 2 part 3)
 0   -   
During this stage Shepard might, at best, help as just another agent gathering thin intelligence – and that was assuming that the Systems Alliance miraculously let her go after the trial. Since finding more Prothean resources was the most promising angle, Liara as the new Shadow Broker...

 0   -   
Way of the warrior Samara is obviously trained in hand-to-hand combat and the Asari martial arts, and seems remarkably strong. She is also highly intelligent and has several centuries of experience as a religiously-sanctioned vigilante. Despite their medieval trappings Justicars seem fully...