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(Baroness Ariane de Troil)
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Guillemot de Troïl Ariane was determined to see a new Sparrowhawk take the place of the fallen one. She captured a baby sparrowhawk in its nest and tamed it. She also crafted a red cloak and mask resembling the Sparrowhawk’s. Despite her martial talents she assumed that, being a...

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Some time after, Mega-City one came under attack from the Judda. These were warrior clones based on the best material in Mega-City One’s Genetic Control laboratories and led by a renegade Judge, Morton Judd. Chief Judge Silver, who was aware of Dredd’s slowly growing reticence,...

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The land without stars While helping set up a remote Human colony, Laureline and ValĂ©rian determined that a free-roaming planet was headed for the new system. They discovered that it was a hollow world, and made contact with the cultures within. The small world was dominated by two cities...