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(Roy's Elseworld version)
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Immediately after the court martial, Nathaniel was approached by Captain Wade Eiling. Eiling offered Nathaniel a pardon and a new identity in exchange for participating in a top-secret experiment. Nathaniel accepted this as an opportunity to get out of prison and find the necessary...

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True to Pathfinder’s assessment, the new government was more prosperous and stable, and on good terms with the US. Still, as far as Pathfinder’s chiefs were concerned, the only relevant facts were that he had disobeyed them. Which had screwed over a major US corporation with...

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After the end of their 1960s run more problems arise, from my rather pedantic viewpoint anyway. I’ve always hated it when a publisher depicts a future for a character or team which they declare at the time to be the authentic, actual future, only to renege on that when a later writer...