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Confronting all of the threats above plus various booby-traps, an engulfing acidic slime, and a bizarre cyborg dubbed “Meat Machine”, the Chainsaw Warrior finally worked his way in to confronting Darkness itself. He destroyed the evil being and saved New...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Live by the sword Retrieving the blade, visions of the past washed over her. She realized she was the latest in a line of sister-warriors who wielded the artifact. However, as she gained its power, Rachel Wilde, a...

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The party followed tracks in a rainstorm to a cave hideout. They took down hordes of measly warriors. Then the final guardian, a powerful Minotaur renowned for splitting his opponents using a double-axe, was encountered. The Minotaur cut down most of the remaining rescue team in bloody...

(Ronny Fisk)
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History Lore is an ancient magical sword. It has been passed from warrior to warrior since medieval times, but ended up as a display in a museum. The intelligent, wilful sword pondered its fate. It had always been wielded by powerful persons of strong will, and always had been a...