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(Part #1)
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Powers & Abilities “Amy Winston” was trained from infanthood to be a warrior queen and use the crystal magic of the House of Amethyst. Though the depth of this training is unrevealed she demonstrated superior skills in hand-to-hand combat and swordswomanship. She mentioned...

(Part #2)
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Gemstones Nilaa is never called “Gemworld”. Though it is a new version of the 1980s Amethyst story there are significant differences. Having the heroine be in her late teens considerably changed the themes. Since the series couldn’t run long enough to fully explore the...

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It is likely that Ingvie was trained in part by Elzere, a hulking elite warrior serving the House of Citrine. By age 17 Ingvie seemed to be a sort of lieutenant, albeit one answering directly to the Lady of the House. She apparently had her own mixed unit entrusted with sensitive missions...