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James Rook
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History Thousands of years ago, in the otherdimensional kingdom of Myrra, there lived two mighty warriors, Nacht and Brom. The king of Myrra ordered Farben, his court magician, to create magical weapons for them. Thus Nacht received the enchanted Sword of Night, and Brom was given the...

(Golden Age version)
 0   -   
In this new environment, Giganta captures Steve Trevor and claims him as husband. But he escapes and joins Wonder Woman in beating back Achilles and his Greek warriors. For boring chronological reasons, Xena and Gabrielle fail to make a guest appearance. Wonder Woman then...

 0   -   
Keeper, Lady Djinn and most Lightning Lords didn’t apparently survive the incident, but a dozen surviving Lords chose Thump as their new leader. Starfire having lost most of her fighters in a previous battle, the Lightning Lords following thump became the majority of her troop...

(Profile #1 - the 1970s)
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Quotes “He’ll wake up with a nasty headache — and he won’t be able to talk for a few weeks ! But I found his voice rather annoying anyway !” Dragon : “I’m not sure what we’re getting into, Lady Shiva…” Shiva :...

 0   -   
He is a very skilled warrior. History Seven centuries ago, Attucka the Merciless, perhaps the greatest warrior among the fearsome Golden Mongol Horde, used his incredible martial skills in service to his master, Genghis Khan. Many victories were won for the Khan but neither Attucka’s...

 0   -   
The Swiss sent thugs after Woosan as she was leaving the Japanese monastery of her godfather, the O-Sensei. As it turned out, the young woman was accompanied by the two star students of the O-Sensei, Benjamin Turner and Richard Dragon, who made short work of the attackers. The trio left...

(Christopher Champion)
 0   -   
The team hijacked the old multidimensional ship, Scanner One, making them fugitives from the law of New Earth, and left to fight the Dark Destroyer. The team was later joined by BlackJak (Dart’s lover), Taz (a very short alien warrior) and, temporarily, by Kargg (the Dark...

(Paul Kirk profile #2 - post-resurrection)
 0   -   
History After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions, as the USSR was feverishly working on its own atomic bomb technologies, it became obvious that humanity now had the means to destroy Earth and itself. As the Cold War started, there was little reason to believe it wouldn’t do so...

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Three centuries ago, Tamerkhan captured an Asian princess in order to conceive a child. Although Tamerkhan hoped for a son, a daughter, Liat, was born and he vowed that she would be as savage and merciless as any Mongol warrior. For the next three hundred years, Tamerkhan, Attucka, and...