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Xenophobic and aggressive, the quillboar tribes have been fighting for territory since at least the War of the Ancients. Though they are savage warriors, they have not generally fared well as they clashed with Taurens and Pandaren. Just before the Cataclysm, they chiefly fought with : ...

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Kobolds live near the bottom of the totem pole. Pretty much every species is better warriors than they are. Personality In many respects, Kobolds conform to the least flattering clichés about rats. They tend to nervously skitter about and to be afraid of everything. They sniff...

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For the Draenei, discovering the spirits and building bridges toward them was a major revelation for those who had lost the ability to commune with the Light. Though this discovery of a new way to see the world and magic was originally a Broken phenomenon, it spread to other Draenei. (More...