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His high level of resiliency, matched with his powerful blows make the Rock a near unstoppable warrior on the streets of Federation. History The Rock burst upon Federation just over two years ago. Young Rocky Maivia found himself scorned by the citizens of Federation, but that just solidified...

(Steve Borden)
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Description 6’2” and approximately 240 lbs.. Sting has shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes. During his peak years, he wore his hair in a bleach-blond flat-top and had a face paint design similar to the Ultimate Warrior. Now, he dresses in black and wears black and...

(Ian Hodgkinson)
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Soon, Vampiro was known as a hero all over Mexico, popular with everyone, including children. A new rock band, his own soap opera (El Vampiro Casanova) and even his very own movie Vampiro: Night Warrior… from famine to feast, Ian ended up having it all. This did not sit well...