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(Silhouette Chord)
 0   -   
The New Warriors interfered. Night Thrasher and Midnight’s Fire went at each other to settle old scores. Silhouette stopped them to Dwayne’s surprise as he thought her dead. Understanding her brother was beyond the pale, she rejected him. She let him be...

 0   -   
Don’t call it a comeback Night Thrasher and the other New Warriors later teamed up with the Thunderbolts, Heroes For Hire, Spider-Man, Darkhawk, the Swordsman and Magdalene in protecting the city from the Elements of Doom. He also aided Nova and Turbo in combating the...

 0   -   
Dwayne came with a business plan: he had sold The New Warriors broadcast rights to a television company. Namorita was really not fond of that idea. It turned The New Warriors’ actions into a reality show circus. They had to bow to the...

(Michiko Musashi)
 0   -   
When the founding New Warriors were sent through time and space by The Sphinx, Hindsight Lad assembled Turbo and the reserve New Warriors to bring them back. And again, when Undertow had abducted The New Warriors, Nova called upon Turbo and...

(Elvin Haliday)
 0   -   
Haliday then fell in with a younger team – the New Warriors. That was during the Folding Circle affair. Rage helped the Warriors by “borrowing” a Quinjet from the Avengers. Rage became a New Warrior, but left with Night Thrasher...

 0   -   
Real TV Night Thrasher came back in charge of a new New Warriors’ installment. This time, he was short on cash and called upon some rather unexpected financial backup: a broadcasting network. The New Warriors’ operations were now moving across...

(Vance Astrovik)
 0   -   
As seen in The New Warriors (year one), Vance Astrovik faced trial for the negligent homicide of his father. Foggy Nelson was his counselor. During his trial, Vance hoped Captain America to testify in his favor, like The Thing did. Nelson forbid it, as his fellow...

(Angelica Jones) (Comic book version)
 0   -   
The New Warriors Years later, Night Thrasher hacked the Hellfire Club’s database and procured a way to reach Firestar. He blackmailed her into coming to a mysterious meeting, lest he reveal her powers and identity. Though upset by his method, she finally agreed to join...

(Chris Powell) (Early)
 0   -   
Background Real Name: Chris Powell Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Grace Powell (mother), Michael Powell (father), Jason, Jonathan (brothers) Group Affiliation: Reservist in both the Avengers and the New Warriors Base Of Operations: New York City Height: 5’9” as...

(Rosetta & Regina Morgan)
 0   -   
Background Real Name: Rosetta & Regina Morgan Other Aliases: Ladyhawks Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: “Boss” Morgan (father, first name unrevealed), mother (name unrevealed, deceased) Group Affiliation: New Warriors (MC2 Spider-Girl version) Base Of...