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(New Warriors)
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New Warriors’ Chauffeur After Dwayne Taylor discovered that Andrew Chord had killed his parents, he pushed him away. It left the New Warriors without a pilot, unable to go anywhere far from New York. Andrew pointed Taylor toward Sprocket. So...

(Brenda Drago)
 0   -   
Raptor joined the New Warriors assembled by Spider-Girl – along with the Buzz, the Green Goblin (Phil Urich) and Ladyhawk (Ms. Morgan). This team stopped the rampage of Angel Face and Funny Face through New York City’s underworld, but expelled Spider-Girl after she...

(Dragon Age mabari hound)
 0   -   
Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Group Affiliation: Adopted by a Grey Warden, formerly a wardog with the Ash Warriors. Base Of Operations: Mobile with his mistress. Height: 4’4” Weight: 215 lbs. Eyes: Light brown Hair: Brown fur...

 0   -   
Ranagor’s culture, while faintly similar to Vikings, is rather macho and thinks the very idea of women warriors is a joke ; at first, he preferred to think that Diana was a witch. Ranagor was easily won over by Diana’s bravery, quick mind and extraordinary combat prowess,...

(Owen Llewelyn)
 0   -   
Cyborg The troopers became giant cyborg warriors, remote-controlled via a computer interface. Their consciousness was buried underneath, making them little better than robots. The Welsh Super-Squaddies were deployed several times in undocumented operations. One suspects those were...

 0   -   
In 1972, in Luxembourg, Drake and other elite Hand assassins fought the Chaste. Drake killed four Chaste warriors, including her father. But somehow, Drake broke the Hand conditioning and escaped. She returned to California. Though there was no realistic way to atone for everything...

 0   -   
Base Of Operations: Sewers of New York. Height: 5’ Weight: 75 lbs. Eyes: Black Hair: None Powers & Abilities Known Superhuman Powers Splinter has displayed no overt superhuman abilities. It is unrevealed whether his mutation into his more human-like bipedal form has removed the...

 0   -   
In the weeks after their defeat on Oa, Guy Gardner gained new powers. He had discovered his heritage as a Vuldarian warrior. Guy had also fought Dementor, a being with the same Vuldarian ancestry as he. Things were looking up for Guy when Buck Wargo opened...

 0   -   
Like many comic book giants his speed belies his bulk. But Thump goes beyond this clichĂ©. He is a gifted warrior, a remarkably agile and quick person, and a smart and tenacious fighter. He’s also impossibly stealthy for his size. It is likely that he had formal training in...

(Post-Crisis version)
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Trevor who wanted to buy her planes. The Air Corps needed new pilots, and Fairchild PT-19s are primarily trainer aircrafts. The two were married within months. Soon after that, Pearl Harbor was attacked. Weeks later Stephen Rockwell-Trevor was born. Once she recovered from the birth,...