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This is a first draft, without research, to establish new style stats for some common weapons needed in character profiles. And as a reminder it’s meant to model weapons *in fiction*. And whilst keeping things simple at that. Short sword A category for a blade bigger than a knife, but...

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Please note that you should also read our New Rules&Usage file if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts. Several concepts that exist in DCH but not in DCA are discussed there. Five key terms There are five simple concepts DCA players need to have a better operational understanding...

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This document These are simply my notes about playing on Warrior difficulty – not a full walkthrough. If you don’t want to go in blind and waste time, but without having your hand held at every step and everything spoiled, it should be about right. Guides such as puzzles and...

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Things start getting much better at level 8 with the new pet and the first Lich line spell. I mostly used aggro kiting. Darkness snare/DoT, disease DoT, poison DoT, pet set to no-taunt serving as an additional DoT, strafe in circles for most of the fight then melee near the end. I melee near...

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Continuity penumbra The Worgmeister’s term for specific eras of DC Comics continuity. These usually happen after a cosmic crisis, where the universe has changed but there’s not yet a firm, shared understanding of the new facts among all writers. This means that for a while,...