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The New Brussels Titans and The Forces of the Bat have continued in new forms. Power Play and Green Line (the Green Lanterns from the second war) are both aging are still active. G-force and Center Neptune are destroyed but there are persistent rumors that Keyop is still...

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Working at the Photon Research Institute Kabuto used a new element, Japanium, discovered in Mount Fuji. He combined that with a new form of energy, Photo-Atomic energy, to develop an incredibly strong Alloy Z. With this he then constructed a heavily armed giant robot of his...

(Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon)
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“Video-man” is also the name of a popular video game. The player assumes the role of “Blue-hero” who combats Video-man in a shootout. Winner takes the least hits, whoever reaches 100 hits on their opponent first wins. These stand-up arcade games were being...

(Terry McGinnis)
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A long-term plan The first step in this plan was to select a suitable couple to parent the new Batman. Eventually the McGinnis’s were chosen. Sometime later when Warren went in for a routine physical he was injected with nanobots which rewrote his reproductive organs to...

(Aurora Dante)
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His quantum enhancer lost, Mason had to come up with a new plan. He and Lightwave took a ride on a NASA space shuttle. In space, Lightwave would be close enough to use her power on the Guardstar Satellite. She transformed into light, flew around the satellite. When she...

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After calling favors from his many connections, the court ruled: “There is no reason why, if a boy can have a dog, a dog can’t have a boy.” Once Sherman had moved into Mr Peabody’s New York penthouse, however, Peabody discovered that human children need...

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Note: Larry almost always begins play with some new and innovative gadget that Alfred came up with, but which always turns out to be useless to the problem at hand (see New Rules: Bungler). New Genre: Veggie-Tales It is a variation on the Humor genre, as follows. Killing...

(Samurai Champloo)
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Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Quotes “By starting this pointless squabble you’ve done nothing but reveal just how vast your stupidity is.” Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on...

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... The Tick, Minor Rage, Secret Identity (Jeff, last name unrevealed), Unluck. By Steven Howard. Source of Character: The Tick #6 (New England Comics). ... AdνеrtisеmеntTick Omnibus collections Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

(As the Great Saiyaman)
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A year later, Songoku was recovering from the wounds suffered in his combat with Vegeta and Napa, another two survivors from planet Vegeta. Songohan went with Bulma and Krilin to a distant planet named Namek. That planet was where lived the makers of the Dragon Balls, similar to Piccolo...