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After calling favors from his many connections, the court ruled: “There is no reason why, if a boy can have a dog, a dog can’t have a boy.” Once Sherman had moved into Mr Peabody’s New York penthouse, however, Peabody discovered that human children need...

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Note: Larry almost always begins play with some new and innovative gadget that Alfred came up with, but which always turns out to be useless to the problem at hand (see New Rules: Bungler). New Genre: Veggie-Tales It is a variation on the Humor genre, as follows. Killing...

(Cartoon version)
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As the four youths celebrated their new status, headquarters and roles they received a final surprise. They were joined by another team member. It was the niece of the Martian Manhunter, codenamed Miss Martian. With that, the five young heroes were ready to fight the good...

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On the Clown Prince of Crime’s overt service Woof and the original Joker later held off the new Batman with a distraction. This allowed their teammates to escape with the final piece of equipment they needed. After that the Joker sent them to silence Price, who had been the Jokerz...

(Rory Llewelyn)
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Minx, knowing she stood a much better chance with the more talented Riot, also left. She formed a new band with Riot as leader. The two were joined by Rapture later on and the three formed the Stingers. Watch out for the Stingers Gaining popularity throughout Europe, the Stingers...

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When the Dirty Pair encountered her again after their fateful last meeting in 3WA, Shasti was manipulating two different terrorist groups aboard a new space pleasure cruiser. Shasti failed to warp out with the experimental warp drive and was left in the void of space. Her words after...

(Samurai Champloo)
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Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Quotes “By starting this pointless squabble you’ve done nothing but reveal just how vast your stupidity is.” Sharing These open a new page on Facebook, Twitter or G+. This is because we don't let social networks track you on...

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... The Tick, Minor Rage, Secret Identity (Jeff, last name unrevealed), Unluck. By Steven Howard. Source of Character: The Tick #6 (New England Comics). ... AdνеrtisеmеntTick Omnibus collections Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

(As the Great Saiyaman)
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A year later, Songoku was recovering from the wounds suffered in his combat with Vegeta and Napa, another two survivors from planet Vegeta. Songohan went with Bulma and Krilin to a distant planet named Namek. That planet was where lived the makers of the Dragon Balls, similar to Piccolo...

(NBC cartoon character)
There's no need to fear ! Underdog is here !
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Omni Power is to imitate the fact that the writers of the show seemed to give him a new super power in just about every episode. And, it didn’t always work, so I gave him the activation roll. The example of the X-ray Vision not working actually happened in one of his very...