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Power Level
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While under the influence of the Zorpox personality, Ron invented, discerned new uses for, or repaired the following items: (Stats are approximate) Plasma Catapult [BODY 06, Energy Blast: 06 (Autofire Bonus), R#03, AV 04]. Tricycle ATV [BODY 04, Running: 05]. Sonic Annihilator [BODY 08,...

(Masters of the Universe)
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He-man once saw a “Slo-Toe”, an Eternian beast of burden, pulling a two-wheel cart. The chain broke, and the cart became a run-away. After stopping the cart, He-man touches the two ends of the chain together and they magically repair. He then quips: “There ya go...

(Roy Harper)
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Artemis As he walked into the main hall, he jerked to a halt when he saw a young girl carrying a bow and wearing a costume that had a passing resemblance to Green Arrow’s. A brief explanation later revealed that Green Arrow had taken on a new protégé (who he claimed...

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Kim is also a fast learner and is able to pick up new skills quickly. She adapts to new situations as they arise. Among the many talents that she has demonstrated during the series are a high level of proficiency in various extreme sports ; such as hang-gliding, skiing...

(Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon version)
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Putting all self doubt and apprehension to one side, he quickly transformed into Iceman, constructed his infamous ice chute, and saved a woman’s life. Not long after that experience Bobby was telepathically summoned to New York by Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the young band...

(Rokuru Odajima)
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New Rules: Scholar Linguistics The character is familiar with a multitude of languages although not to the extent the Omni-language advantage would grant them. If the character is to encounter the a new language not already purchased under advantages they are allowed to make roll...

The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow !
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In the ruins of a New Metropolis museum K3NT discovered a device called a “Warp Key” which opens doorways in time, and decided to send Superman X to the 31st century to ask the Legion for help. When Superman X arrived in the past he appeared inside Legion HQ, and (rather rudely)...

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In these circumstances a mission must be made to penetrate the new “body” of the Boomer with a strike team to find the Boomer’s original body somewhere within and destroy the brain. Such models are highly illegal even in warfare, as a Fusion Boomer tends to go insane if...

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Don’t call it a comeback The original Joker came back to haunt Gotham City decades after his alleged death. He saw these foolish and impressionable thugs as easy recruits. He then sent them on a series of thefts to steal the technology he needed to put it in his terms “once...

(Jason Todd) (Animated version)
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He has also apparently added other skills and abilities which he gained during his long absence. Jason now includes various firearms, bladed weapons, and high explosives to his répertoire of gadgets. All of these new methods have now made Jason a really lethal opponent. If...