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(Sample Diablo 3 witch-doctor) (Part #1 - Diablo context)
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Makin’ babies Howbeit, late in the game, a demon mentions that a new generation of Nephalem is being born. This might mean that a new angel/demon couple has appeared, and is hiding somewhere on Sanctuary. The demon claims that his horrific, crazed blood cult followers...

(Sample Diablo 3 witch-doctor) (Part #2 - Diablo III events)
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Tyrael returns to the High Heavens as the Angel of Wisdom, though he remains a mortal. He quickly founds a new order of Horadrim – but this time, it was more of a military order and less of a team of elite mages. Their first point of order is to hide the Black Soulstone deep...

(Sample Diablo II Assassin)
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The Horadrim Survivors allied with the forces of Heaven — specifically the Archangel Tyrael — and minor mage clans from the East. They formed a new order, the Horadrim. The Horadrim then set up a secret police to root out demonic corruption within all mage...