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The children’s communities told themselves stories to make sense of the world. They invented new tales of Saltlace’s two divinities – the Good Man and the Lady of the Moon Road. This nascent mythology drew the interest of the Veiled, but the children would not talk...

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In her new career as a bridge troll (well, as a shrew working as a bridge troll) she led a pair of actual trolls. These presumably used to work with Frogsnuggler. Surka was fluent in the troll language. And like the Rotting Dogs before them the trolls liked having a competent...

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History One day, Digger got hopelessly lost while digging a new tunnel. She ran into vapours making her delirious, then rushed across a large cave system. This made it impossible to retrace her steps or orient herself. Recovering, she was left with but the option to dig up. In...