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Three years later… Coronation day. At 21 Elsa was of an age to take control of Arendelle. Subjects from all over came to bear witness and show their fealty to the new Queen. The gates would be open ALL DAY! Anna was so excited to finally get to meet new people...

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Still, Eric felt sorry for her. He took the mute Ariel to the palace to get her new clothes. Ariel was amazed at the sights. She tried hard to fit in, but only ended up making several comical mistakes, like combing her hair with a “dinglehopper” (actually a...

(Walt Disney version)
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Meanwhile, Snow White fled into the forest and with the help of the animals there came to the Seven Dwarf’s cottage. Snow White and her new animal companions cleaned the dwarves’ home in hopes they may allow her to stay. Evil Woman The Dwarves came home from work to find Snow...