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Alpha and Omega Adapting to his new status, Alpha kept watch on Echo and the Dollhouse. He manipulated events to push her towards becoming the same as him. Ready to intervene, he killed and impersonated the architect of the Dollhouse facility, Stephen Kepler. Alpha then allowed...

(Caroline Farrell) (Profile #2 - Evolved)
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It started with Rossum selling new bodies as a kind of serial immortality, for nine figure sums, using their people in government to make it legal. It ended with China sending a blanket signal through mass phone calls which wiped and sent programmed imprints to large portions of the...

(Caroline Farrell) (Profile #1 - Early)
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He cut Whiskey’s face up, and was quickly restrained. The attempt to wipe him suffered a composite event that downloaded all the imprints he’d had into his mind. He cracked, killed a number of members of staff, and fled. Echo’s handler was among the dead, so she was...

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Saunders: “Don’t flatter yourself.” [To Ballard] “But this is the Dollhouse, frenemy. Nothing happens here without my – what the hell ?” “Perhaps triggering lactation was a bridge too far.” Adele DeWitt: “Good news on the coma...